Best Paper Award and Best Poster Award at the Conference on Machine Learning and Systems (MLSys 2022)

– Zirui won the Outstanding Paper Award for the MLSys 2022.
– “QuadraLib: A Performant Quadratic Neural Network Library for Architecture Optimization and Design Exploration”

– Yongbo won the Best Poster Award at the at MLSys-CrossFL 2022 Workshop on Cross Community Federated Learning..
– “Powering Multi-Task Federated Learning with Competitive GPU Resource Sharing”

Dr. Chen Received the NSF CAREER Award

– Xiang Chen, Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), received the NSF CAREER Award funding from the National Science Foundation for the project: (“CAREER: ‘Adapt, Learn, Collaborate’ — Closing the Pervasive Edge AI.”)
– Dr. Chen will receive total funding of $580,000 from NSF for this award. Funding will begin in July 2022 and will end in late June 2027.